Virtual Education

For the first time ever, attendees have access to ALL the educational workshops through March 31, 2021. Review the screenshots below which highlight all of the pages you will recieve.  


  • In this section above, you will see a list of live and on-deman workshops. Each workshop will be presented as a card/tile that includes the workshop title, description, speaker, etc. You can filter the workshops by the 16 educational tracks. 

  • When you click on a card/tile from as mentioned above, this is a sample of the details you will recieve -- workshop title, description, speaker, as well as videos, handouts, and polls if applicable. etc. 

  • In this section above, you will see your personalized schedule by day.  

  • Search the speaker directory to find the industry and business leaders who will share strategies, trends and initiatives. You can also send an invitation for a :30 1-to-1 meeting.