Sustainability @ ABX

ABX20 is in production; below is ABX19 info. Please check back.  

ABX is working hard to improve sustainability around all aspects of the event. Here are some highlights:

  • Bring your reusable water bottles.
    • There will be refillable water bubblers located in each meeting room and in various public locations around ABX.
    • Look for our sustainability pledges within Registration. We are excited to see your commitments.
  • You’ll notice multi-bin waste systems throughout the BCEC and on the show floor. Please read the signs carefully to place your items in the correct bin.
  • We are excited to host 21 workshops offering 31.5 total GBCI credit hours
    • Check out our full conference program. Filter by CE Hours in the left navigation panel. 
  • ABX asks all Exhibitors to sign off on our Sustainability Tips when booking their space. See what we ask our Exhibitors to consider when planning their display for our show.
  • We are proud to participate in Massachusetts Convention Center Authority’s Conventions C.A.R.E. program. We will be accepting donations throughout the show.
  • ABX19 no longer features wall-to-wall carpeting. By removing aisle carpet near the Concessions in Hall C, we reduced our carbon impact by 267 pounds this year.
  • We are working closely with Freeman to ensure Show Management only uses eco-friendly materials and that we reuse as much as possible each year.
  • Freeman will be developing an Environmental Performance Report for ABX19. This will give us a benchmark to improve upon moving forward.
  • Stay tuned for more – we can’t wait to share our progress post-show!

If you have any questions about Sustainability at ABX, contact Karen Young