Landscape Architecture & Design

Below is 2018 info. 2019 is in development and will be added soon; please check back.

ABX is partnering with leading industry associations to create show highlights and features tailored to landscape architects and designers. ABX has also partnered with DIY’s Dean & Derek from “Indoors Out” and “Rock Solid” to be involved in all aspects of these new landscape-specific features. 

Dean & Derek Sessions

What’s New to the Market for Interior & Exterior Stone Design

Dean and Derek will bring their expertise of working with natural stones with a focus on interior and exterior architectural design. The audience will be introduced to new stones in the market and see the potential for how they can work in your upcoming designs from buildings to hardscapes.

Held daily at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm.  

Educational Workshops

Below are accredited workshops of interest to the landscape architecture profession.

Wednesday, November 28

Thursday, November 29

Featured Exhibitors


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