Creating Resilient Communities in War and Disaster

Below is 2018 info. 2019 is in development and will be added soon; please check back.

A collaboration among 4 groups, all driven by the same question: What can Designers Do?

  • Open Architecture Collaborative Boston
  • Build Health International (BHI)
  • Resilient SEE
  • Syrian Initiative for Refugee Children

The pavilion looks at the growing displacement of climate refugees, globally and nationally. The aim is to make visible the voices and movements of those living in at risk neighborhoods, temporary encampments, or other impermanent “permanent” shelters in a number of contexts including Boston, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Lebanon. 

According to the UNHCR, the average stay of refugees in temporary encampments is now 27 years.

Developing an understanding of the people who are affected, and who are not in charge within the hierarchical division of decision making, has led each group to develop “hands-on” actions and projects by architects, landscape architects, planners and other colleagues from the creative fields. 

Some of these projects will be displayed at ABX, in booth 1414. Come learn about the groups initiatives and become a part of the work ahead!

Four presentations will be held each day on the show floor. Free with exhibit hall entry and all packages, but registration is required.

Wednesday, November 28

Thursday, November 29

Syrian children in camp. Credit: Freedom House, creative commons license, modified.