BSA Space @ ABX

BSA Space, at 290 Congress Street, is Boston’s leading center for architecture and design, and is home to the Boston Society of Architects/AIA (BSA) and the BSA Foundation. 

At BSA Space @ ABX, staff and volunteers will be on hand to answer questions and offer insights into all of the happenings at ABX. Relax and network with your colleagues while enjoying:

BSA Committees

The Boston Society of Architects encourages members to join a community of engaged professionals via its grassroots committees—43 ‘front doors’ to the BSA. Committees provide educational and professional programs as well as opportunities to connect with allied professionals and serve the profession. At ABX, attendees will have the chance to find out more this vast network of committed members, talk to committee chairs, and sign up for the committee news.

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Design Gallery

Enjoy a gallery of work representing the winning projects from the BSA’s annual design awards programs. These annual programs honor design excellence and outstanding technical achievement. Like the design programs themselves, this gallery is a reminder that all industry professionals have the opportunity to positively affect their communities and the way we live.


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