Video Policy

Videotaping and filming is only permitted if the following items are confirmed and followed. Please note the Show Management cannot store or be responsible for press equipment while at ABX.

  • Explanation of video usage, shot requirements and a production schedule are submitted to Kim Hamilton by 10/28/20. 
  • Release forms will be required from all parties that are videotaped/filmed and must be given to Kim Hamilton; the exhibitor/videographer is responsible for supplying their own releases and ensuring the Press Room receives copies of the releases prior to leaving the expo.
  • ABX reserves the right to decline videotaping/filming privileges after reviewing the schedule or the purpose of the videotaping. ABX also reserves the right to discontinue filming on the show floor if the policies and procedures for filming, including the solicitation policy, are found to be compromised.

The following activities are ALLOWED for written editorial and photography content purposes, but are NOT ALLOWED permitted to be videotaped/filmed: 

  • Educational Workshops
  • Pre-Conference Sessions & Meetings
  • Expo Floor Sessions & Presentations

Questions? Please send an email to Kim Hamilton.